Don't cha know I love ya
Your such a perfect mate
What I'd do without cha
I'd die for goodness sake

Each day a new beginning
We meet this special way
We are in our element
What more than this to say

Glad you like your boxers
I picked them up at sale
Valentine special
I almost went to jail

Rushed to get the right size
You're pretty hard to fit
Knew I had to get em
Didn't mind a bit

I fixed myself up for you
This is your preview
Whatcha thinking honey
Aw you know that I love you

Better get to work now
I'll be waiting here for you
We'll trip the light fantastic
Your dreams will all come true

Now go on get to work now
Take the garbage out
Bring the cat in deary
Now please try not to pout

I will spend the whole day
Doing all my best
To make myself look gorgeous
Now don't be such a pest

Call me when you get to work
Let me know your there
I have some more instructions
Before you get home dear

Happy Valentines Sweetie
You simply are the best
See you in the evening
I'll try to get some rest.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Šused with permission.
Thank You Francine!



I Love You, Michael!
Happy Valentine's Day

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Happy Valentine's Day! Be An Angel Today,
and Hug Someone a little longer today, not
just because you have to but because you want to.
Give a Smile across a crowded room. Say Hello to
the People you pass every day on the way to work,
school or the internet way. Also, Today
make an extra effort to pay attention
to the delightful joy, trust and honesty
that children express. And maybe even, take
a special moment to honour the spirit and courage
in each child's soul - knowing that when
you hug a child, your heart is
"Touched By An Angel.
God Bless Everyone not just
today but Everyday.




MIDI: I Believe In You
Recorded by 
Don Williams
Please feel free to visit his wonderful site right Here
This midi along with more wonderful performances are available at Mr. William's site on CDs.

Float code is courtesy of Lissa Explains It All

Updated February 10, 2007