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"My Blue-Eyed Man"

I paid you a visit at your grave today and I just couldn't find the words that I wanted to say. The tears just streaming down my face not even wanting to imagine you being in such a cold and darken place.? So, I got down on my knees and said the Lord's Prayer and when I was done I just sat there wondering.

Where you were watching me from.? The heavens above or the ground below, There was no grass just a small square of up-turned dirt indicating where I needed to come to visit my son.

All the while I couldn't stop crying, for my heart was aching for your sky blue eyes, your soft loving touch and that welcomed smile that always laid upon those beautiful

rosebud lips that were once mine.

As my eyes filled more of tears I couldn't help but recall the days we shared before the Lord called you to his side.

Remembering how we were in on the bed the day before, as I was changing your wet pants that of which you always seem to saturate. You were laughing and gooing at mommies voice when all of a sudden I leaned down close to you; looked into those beautiful sky blue eyes and kissed your soft little neck and said, Don't tell Daddy, but I'm in love with another blue eyed man! Your reply was a soft laugh, and a big ol smile and then you said agoo ah no, as if to say it was just between you and I.

There are so many other days to remember with you, but that one I will treasure for you knew it was you, who I was talking about. So today was just one of many trips of this kind that Mommy will make to come see her other blue eyed man.

Forever In My Heart, Never Apart

Love, Mommy

Ryan's Angel

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"A Mother holds her
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12-19-1977 ~ 3-31-1978
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