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My Home

Welcome to my home
This path will always lead
To all that is a part of me
Sweet memories retrieved

Beauty that surrounds me
Within these walls so blessed
Filled with gentle echoes
Of all life's special guests

Children running in the halls
Laughter everywhere
Sometimes when I close my eyes
Sweet visions will appear

Tears were shed in life too
So softly they're caressed
Heart was filled with sorrow
Things you can't forget

Pictures hung on special walls
With memories combined
Will be a part of all this love
This house of love did bind

Stroll into my parlor
Rest your weary soul
Feel the gentle spirits here
With love that will console.

Poem is used with permission.
~ Francine Pucillo~

"Remember where you have been
and know where you are going.
Life is not a race, but a journey
to be savored each step of the way."
Nikita Koloff

Hello Everyone so glad you have come by.
Just wanted to let everyone know
that I have started a New Journal.
You can read it by clicking
onto the button below.
You will still be able to read last years
Journal by clicking onto the journal menu button above.
I hope that Life treats you all kind
and that all your dreams come true this year.
God Bless.
Love & Trust,
Lynn from Heaven's Blessings

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O God of mercy,
We beg You now to protect in a special way
those who are fighting for us and for the country we love. Bless them and take
care of them. If they are tired, give them strength. If they are wounded and
suffering, give them comfort. If they
are lonely, touch them with Your gentle
hand and let them know that
You are near them.

I Am Proud To Be A
Presidential Prayer Team Member.



Click onto the FLAME OF LIFE
to visit the site where you may secure
your very own FLAME OF LIFE to
show your support of our troops.

Heaven's Blessings
presents: Creations By Lynn

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Come browse & shop!
I hope you find something that
touches your heart and warms your
soul for you, a friend or a family member.

From Creations By Lynn
Thank You for Shopping With Us!
We Truly Appreciate Your Business.
God Bless Everyone

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Thank You to Everyone who signed
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Please, help keep the Internet Clean and Safe
for the next generation, Protect Our Children!
God Bless.

Charlie's Angels ~ The Angel Connection
Thank You.

Blessed is the influence of one true,
loving human soul on another.
by George Elliot

God Bless You, who do for others,
and seek nothing in return for your thoughtfulness.
For the warmth of a smile or the warm
touch of a heart can endure so much
longer than the coldness of something harbored.
Seek Not to Harm People, but Rather
do All You can to make Someone
Else's Life a little Brighter.
May Love, Peace and
Harmony be with you Always.

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God Bless You ALL!

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I have made a page
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I have lots of links to
Niagara Falls and the
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Hope you find something
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And don't forget to come
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