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Life gone in an instant
With blasts of hate from air
Caught within a moment
This deed done brings despair

Contemplate this evil
What good has this deed done
Left us filled with hatred
This battle never won

Torn with mass destruction
Deliberate hate designed
For only in one instant
Deep sorrow for mankind

Families filled with horror
Hearts are filled with tears
Within us saddest moment
What purpose brings us here

Let us join united
To say a silent prayer
For those who were the victims
Their voices we must hear

People joining hands now
Creating biggest chain
Bringing forth a miracle
Where evil brought such pain

Innocent are dead now
What power does this give
Lost within the horror
But yet we all must live

Fear cannot bring power
For deep inside hate looms
The power of the people
In silent prayer resumes

Hands that reached so bravely
To help those find a way
With hearts of grateful nation
We bow our heads and pray

For all those who are lost now
On this most dreaded day
We pray that God will give us
The strength to find a way.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©used with permission

Thank You Francine.





We Will Never Forget
"The Day The World Cried."


We Will Never Forget
Our Fallen Firefighters and Police Officers
Whose Lives Were Lost On This Tragic Day In History


Nor Will We Ever Forget
The Smallest Victims Whose Lives Where Lost In This Tragedy.

The Adopt A Victim Plaque is in Honor Of
Chief Warrant Officer 4th Class William Ruth.
Being Able to Display These Plaques Not Only Allows Me To Honor The Victims
But Also Their Families As Well.
You Will Never Be Forgotten. Forever In Our Hearts; Never Apart.

Dedicated to All The Angels Among Us!
You are All in Our thoughts and prayers.

I received this letter today April 3, 2002,
from a Very Special Man called, Mr. Hoy Curtis.
To know that this Country has
so many Hero's,
those of who are the Great Men and Woman
who go beyond the call
of duty to keep this Great Country of
ours Safe and Free makes me
Proud To Be An American!
Say a prayer for our troops
and their families, that they are kept safe
till once again home and re-united with their loved ones.

Dear Lynn,
This is Karen's Dad. I wanted to thank
you for the outstanding awards
and I wanted to send you a
gift also: This is my personal
award. I spent along time on
your site, much love and care
has gone into it. I am proud to display
your fine awards on my site.
I salute you, you have made an
old solider very happy.
Hoy Curtis

Thank You from the bottom of my heart!
But it is I who Salutes You!
You have fought in The Battle Of the Bulge
and showed great courage, compassion and bravery.
You are a survivor, a HERO...and
I am Proud and Honored to accept
this Award and to have
had the privledge to meet you and
your beautiful daughter, Karen.
God Bless You and Yours.


Mr. Hoyt Curtis pictured above

Excerpts from Mr. Hoy Curtis's Site called: The Battle of The Bulge.

The following is taken from an interview with Hoy Curtis,
who survived the Battle of the Bulge.
Hoy is a member of Fletcher Emanuel Church Alive
in Lumberton, Texas. As we talked, we were
looking through an album of photographs Hoy
took on a recent visit to the sites of
the Battle fo the Bulge in Belgium.

Question: One picture shows you wearing alot of medals.
What are they? Answer: One is the
World War II Medal which says on the back,
"Freedom from fear and want. Freedom of
speech and Religion". Others are the Occupation
of Germany Medal; the Three Battle Stars Medal;
the Battle of Europe Medal, the Battle of Germany
Medal, and the Battle of the Ardennes Medal,
the Good Conduct Medal' the Sharpshooter Rifle Medal (M-1 rifle)
(from which my youngest daughter got my internet
name from);the Combat Rifleman's Badge Medal
(a very special, earned medal), and the Bronze Star.
You can read more of Mr. Hoyt Curtis's Interview Here.

I Am A Soldier

I am a soldier. My blood
permeates the soil of many countries.

I have gasped my last breath on many
a desolate stretch of beach.
For you...all of you,
the children who play in the parks,
the mothers who watch over them,
the fathers who struggle to sustain them.

There are those here who have belittled and reviled me,
who have made a mockery of me and what I stand for.
You, also, have I suffered and died for.
I withstood heat,
insects and disease so the right to dissent would be yours.

I endured the pain and terror of battle
and the maiming of my body to ensure
that you might worship as you please.
I died in agony in order that you,
no matter who or what you are,
have the freedom to choose your own destinies.

because I believe in the ideals that made
this country what it is today... FREE.
I love her with a deep and abiding love
that transcends mere physical pain.

Pray that I will always be there,
for if I dissappear from this country,
So Will You!


I Salute All of the
Great Men and Women Who Have
Served This Great Country
you are all Hero's to me.
God Bless America and God Bless You!

Thank You MoonAndBack Graphics
For The Use Of This Beautiful Set
Francine For The Heartfelt Poem,
Yuko for the beautiful Midi,
such a talented young woman,
Also I would like to Thank John And Lady Madona
For The Opportunity To Display These Beautiful Plaques
So As To Always Remember and Honor The Victims
Who Gave Their Lives On September 11, 2001.

I Am A
Keeper Of The Light

GIsearch.com - America's Most Comprehensive Military Search

GIsearch - America's Most Comprehensive Military Search
Locate lost friends and family,
keep in touch with fellow service members,
research the history and valor of
past generations, and honor those who
sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

Korean War Memorial

Resources for Helping Victims:

To Give Blood:

American Red Cross 1-800-GIVE LIFE

New York Blood Center 1-800-933-BLOOD

To Make Financial Contributions:

American Red Cross 1-800-HELP-NOW

Donate Via PayPal

United Way 1-212-251-4035

Salvation Army 1-800-SAL-ARMY

United Kingdom All About Giving

New York State World Trade Center Relief Fund

Twin Towers Fund

New York Fire Fighters Disaster Relief Fund

WTC Police Disaster Relief Fund

To Volunteer Services (New York):

FEMA World Trade Center Relief 1-800-801-8092

Thank You John for this Most Honorable Award
(which is seen below) and for the Beautiful
"Pledge Of Allegiance" Plaque.
Please don't forget to visit John Giuffre's Site
and while there "Light a Candle" and sign
The "Book of Condolences" for the Victims.


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Today as my heart, like all of yours, is found
breaking from sorrow at the events of today I
found that I could not think straight, could not
focus, could not get my mind and heart around.
the tragedy of the day and all of it's
ramifications for the rest of our earthly
days.  My heart is breaking for those whose
lives are directly impacted by the tragedies and
for the world and what it means to us
ALL.   I did not know what to do so
turned to the only place I knew to express my,

Thank You Bev of
for the use of this beautiful set.


This set was use with permission by Moon And Back Graphics.

The midi is an original ©composition which is also performed by Yuko Ohigashi.  To read about this interesting young composer just visit her site.  Her midis may ONLY be used with permission from the composer.  Visit her site by clicking on her banner displayed below.  The song was written by Yuko JUST FOR THIS TRAGEDY and is entitled HURT SO BAD.


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September 11, 2001
The Day The World Changed FOREVER!